Oh, hello. I'm Dillon and I like to illustrate. I'm based in the UK but work in the metaverse and can transcend images around the world and straight to you...

I'm an ideation machine and love to collaborate.

I have worked on an array of exciting projects, which have lead me to being part of London Design Festival and Shoreditch design triangle. I have produced artwork and illustrations for the likes of UNIQULO, Ally Capellino, WOOD ST COFFEE, Baron, Dead Time, Atelier 21, Pecker, Bicicletta and many more.
. what do you like to draw/ illustrate?
Dillon: "I like drawing people, in particular hands and feet, I think they look mad. I enjoy illustrating the every day and strive to keep my work relatable, whimsical and aesthetically pleasing. You'll often find chairs, plants, music and people within my work."

. What is your dream collaboration?
Dillon: "To get my illustrations on the bottom of a pair of skis or even on the top! But to be honest there's a long list."

. How do you get your illustrations out there?
Dillon: "I contact companies I want to collaborate with, I submit to zines, magazines and blogs and I try and team up with local places."

. Are there any simple rules you follow?
Dillon: "Look after your drawing hand. Keep your eyes peeled for inspiration. Live simply. Speak to animals like humans. Play a tune that slaps. Always have an emergency beverage on your person. Look after your surroundings. Enjoy what you do. Be prolific."